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We are happy to hear what your needs are relating to bronze. Please contact our sales.

We are no longer selling directly to go. Please be in contact beforehand if you are aiming to visit us in Pirkkala.

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Sacometal Oy

Turkkirata 14
33960 Pirkkala, Finland

+358 3 342 7700

Please prefer the direct phone numbers of our personnel.

Juho-Heikki Visakoivu

Juho-Heikki Visakoivu

Technical Sales
+358 504761310

Jukka Nykanen

Jukka Nykänen

Key Account Manager
+358 408494796

Matias Ramstedt

Matias Ramstedt

Key Account and Marketing Manager
+358 407058668

Ilari Kinnunen

Ilari Kinnunen

+358 440409374

Management contact details

Ilari Kinnunen
+358 440409374

Jyrki Lehtiniemi
Financial manager
+358 407769903

Timo Mäki-Kivistö
Quality manager
+358 503173733

Mikko Nieminen
Production manager
+358 405729937

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